Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." Victor Hugo

Winter has returned, a little trickery of January to let us think we'd have enough.  But the snow has covered us again and we won't let it hold us back... too much.

This Sunday, in response to the discussion on Intentional Community, we'll be hosting a church family breakfast this coming Sunday.  Please come early and enjoy a good time together before we start our service.
(actual breakfast may be different from the picture)

Also, on regular Sunday service, please feel free to come early (Service starts at 10:30).  The coffee pot will be on and someone will bring some delicious treats to share.  The prayer room is also open for anyone needing prayer or wanting to pray for others.

February 3rd will be the Annual General Meeting.  Please come prepared to hear what's gone on this past year, hear the direction for the future and have your opportunity to have input into the governing of the church.

Starting February 23rd, we will have a 5 week series on Missions, leading up to Jesus to the Nations Weekend.

  • Feb. 23rd - Biblical Mandate for Mission - Pastor Rick Barnes
  • Mar. 2nd - Missionary Care in the Field - Sandy and Bibiana MacLeod
  • Mar. 9th - Missions Around the World - Diane Friessen
  • Mar. 16th - History of Missions - Sandy White
  • Mar. 23rd - Applying Missions in our Backyard - Pastor Rick Barnes
  • Mar. 28-30th - Jesus to the Nations Missions Conference (Halifax)  http://www.jesustothenations.com/home/index.php