Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

Graduations and Proms are wrapping up, folks are heading to their cottages and digging out their camping gear, the tomato plants are in and the grass needs cut twice a week.  It must be summer again.

We have some great things happening in the month of July
There is a team here for the next week to do some work out at Balls Creek.  The Project is moving along nicely.  If you have any time to come out and help them get the place put together, they are hoping to move into the new facility in September but will need lots of help to get that done. Click the link below to find out about the school, the project and who to contact for further info.
There is another team who will be joining us for a few days throughout the month of July.  Rachel Colford, a member at Cape Breton Christian Fellowship, recently finished a  program at the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City.  She has been lead to assemble a team of her class mates to come to Cape Breton for the month of July to connect with churches in CBRM and support their ministries.  They'll be doing street ministry with kids and adults, teaching about prayer and evangelism, leading worship services and helping out in any other way they can with the churches in Cape Breton.  Please keep them in prayer as they go out to help bring the Kingdom of Heaven to hurting people.
This Sunday we will have the Peru mission team sharing about their most recent trip.  And later in the month we will have Wayne MacLeod sharing with us once again about his ministry and his recent trip to Pakistan.  We'll also have Ashley Morrison come and share about her experience serving with YWAM in the middle east over the last year. 

Cape Breton Bible Camp is in full swing.  Staff are there now doing staff training with new directors Bob and Donna Sloma.  Please be in prayer for them as they take on this new challenge.  Ever year is different, every group of staff has there strengths and their challenges to work through, but God is always faithful to use those who give up their summer to serve the kids on this Island and spread the Good News.  Pray that he will empower each one from the directors down to the maintenance staff to the guest speakers.

On July 21st we'll join with CAPE BRETON CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP for a open air service at the North Sydney Boardwalk.  Pastor Rick will be sharing the word and the I.H.O.P. mission team will be leading music.  Please join us and invite a friend out to hear the gospel.  

We'll also have Communion on July 7th, another "Meet the Grace Family" interview, a community BBQ... lots to get involved in, lots to be in prayer for, lots to give thanks for. 

Be Blessed.