Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello Grace Family, I hope everyone is getting time, or taking time even if you don't think you have it, to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Make sure you get out and enjoy some of this beautiful place God has given us to live in.

There's lots happening over the next weeks for people to get involved in and pray for as you can see in the bulletin under upcoming activities.  Please especially keep Scott Anderson's family in prayer during this time. Jean Carlo has a tough summer ahead with healing and rehab.  And the Ethiopia Journey 117 team sets sail on Sunday after the morning church service.  And there are plenty of other prayer requests listed.

We had a open air service on the boardwalk in North Sydney this past Sunday with Cape Breton Christian Fellowship and there will be another one on August 12th.  Please come out and enjoy the Gospel being proclaimed and Jesus being lifted up for all to see and hear.

Cape Breton Bible Camp is at the half-way point already.  They have seen big answers to prayer with good numbers of campers (40+ each week) and staff turning up at just the right time when they thought they would be short.  Keep them in prayer as the show Jesus' love to kids from all over the island.

Also, the 10th Annual Johnny Miles Festival is coming up July 30th to August 5th.  There are lots of activities happening in the community for people to come out and support.  I've been challenged recently by a statement I heard, "if your church disappeared from your community, would anyone notice?"  Please come out and support this week long event.  As a church, we are not nearly active enough in the community this is a perfect opportunity.  Lots of fun for everyone, lots of opportunity to get to know people we might not normally come in contact with.  Of particular interest is the "Volksmarch" on Sunday at 1:30.  What a great opportunity to walk around Sydney Mines and pray, chat with people and Thank God for this town and the people in it who He loves and wants to know Him.