Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The rain in May falls mainly on the Cape

The Tulips are open, the leaves are breaking out and the lawn needs cut again... You've got to love this time of year, even if it's been a little damp.  The monthly mission Sunday was last week, below is the bulletin featuring another of our wonderful missionary couples, Wayne and Diane MacLeod.  Please keep them in prayer as Wayne is off to Cuba for a week to speak at a number of conferences, as well as working on his publishing ministry which provides bible study material all around the world.  See more about their work at

Please keep the Ethiopia, Journey 117 trip in prayer as the team has now settled out to 5 people (plus 8 others from the U.S. that we'll join up with).  The conference-call discipleship will begin soon with the other team members and several fundraiser will take place over the next month.

As you can see people are taking the "be fruitful and multiply" command seriously.  Several more babies will be added to the grace fellowship family over the next months.  Jamie and Melissa Whyte are expecting at the end of this month!

Sarah Johnston will be hosting another Ladies Night at her house on May 24th.  Come out and enjoy some fellowship and fun.

The Elders are continuing to work towards the new leadership council, they are seeking the Lord's direction for who he would have lead the various councils, please keep them in prayer.