Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer is here!!! sort of...

Hello Friends of Grace, Hope everyone has been enjoying these teaser days of warm weather.  Here's a copy of last week's bulletin in case you didn't make it, there are some prayer requests, upcoming activities and a letter from Danny and Darlene MacLennan talking about what the Lord has them up to these days.  Danny will be speaking on Sunday April 29 in our morning service, we're excited to hear what the Lord has put on his heart.

The girls going on the Ethiopia trip are doing a bunch of fundraisers over the next couple months, one thing they will do is a yard sale, so as you do your spring cleaning, if you have anything you want to get rid of that may catch a couple bucks at a yard sale, please consider donating it to the girls.  We've already had one gentlemen donate a couple loads of stuff that he was cleaning out of a house he's about to sell.  Every little bit adds up.  There is also a Coffee house coming up on May 4th and a Dinner on May 11th.  More to come!

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