Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Days of Waiting

Beginning on September 1st 2011 we will go to prayer.
In February of this year the Lord spoke to me about 30 days of waiting; would I, or we as the church be willing to come to Him for 30 nights and wait for Him to tell us what to do?
No preaching… unless he tells someone to preach
No singing… unless he gives us a song
No agendas, no liturgy, no program…
Some nights we will worship to the early hours of the morning… if that’s what he wants.
Some nights we will pray for healing for one another… if that’s what he says.
Some nights we will sit in silence and hear nothing… if that’s what he does.
Will we respond if he calls us to speak to someone the next day about Jesus?
Will we respond if he calls us to sell our belongings and give it to the poor?
Will we will respond if he tells us to prophecy, speak in tongues or repent?
Each night at 7:00 pm the church will be open for as many want to/are able to gather to wait on the Lord. 
IF we want to see the Lord move, IF we want to see revival, IF we want to see people come to the Lord, IF we want to know his crazy love, we have to come to Him first.  AND we have to respond to what he tells us.  He wants to see if we’re ready, he wants to see if we’re willing to lay down our lives for the sake of another, he wants to see if we’re willing to be truly Christ-like and do whatever his will is. 
So, 30 nights to wait on the Lord to lead us and guide us.
Are you in???

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