Thursday, April 7, 2011

Change Change Change

The Lord seems to be speaking to us and moving us in a direction of change at Grace.  Last week Emo and Kathy Yango brought us a message of change.  Calling us to the true meaning of the word repentence used in Mark 1:15, to go beyond ones current mind/spirit.
This week, Pastor Rick will be continuing on the same train of thought about change looking at the change the disciples faced as Jesus was leading up to the cross.
Here are some of the discussion questions we'll look at in the discussions groups after the message.
Hope you can join in.
1.  Why weren't the disciples prepared for the arrest and crucifixion of Christ when it occurred?
2.  Why did Jesus rebuke his disciples for not understanding what he was trying to teach them?
3.  What do we need to have in order to handle changes that God might bring in our lives and in the church?
4.  What is our peril if we resist or refuse change that God is bringing?
5.  What are the blessings if we embrace it?

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