Friday, February 11, 2011

Last week our church made some changes to our Sunday morning service.  Some people were feeling disengaged with church being largely a spectator type service and not having much space to use the gifts God has given them.  We felt lead by the spirit to change our service to incorporate small group discussion after the morning message.  Our service has moved back a 1/2 hour to 10:00 am to give a bit more time.  These groups are providing a venue for people in our church who want to go deeper in their faith, have a role in the church and share what they have learned at bible school and on missions trips.  We hope that this will give people, especially the youth and young adults a greater investment in the church as they feel more a part of the community.  We also hope that it will help us better develop disciples that make a difference to send out into our community. 
For the first month of this new format we are going through Dave Sawler's book, The Disciple: God's Blueprint.  It looks at Jesus as the model for our own discipling of other and how that fits in our own lives.  The first week has already been very challenging for many in our congregation and the small groups gave great opportunity for people to share what God had stirred up in them during the message.  Pastor Rick is taking what he is learning from Sawler and applying to our own church context.  This week we will go deeper into what it is to be a disciple maker.  I hope you can join us.
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