Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CB Prayer 24/7

The Prayer room is available for anyone to use 24 hours a day.  But to be sure no one else is using it when you wish to be there, please register on line or call Gemma or Joey.  Gemma has been in contact with 24/7 Canada and they are very excited that we have created a dedicated space for people to go and pray.  They have prayer rooms all across the country and have been praying that the Lord would raise up a place on the east coast.  They seem more excited than we do in fact to have this place and hope to come visit the us to see what the Lord is doing here!  So I hope people will take advantage of it, not that we think you need to go there for the Lord to hear you, but it's there if you need a quiet place away from the business of life that sometimes gets in the way of time with the Lord. 

User Name: cbprayer247@yahoo.ca
Password: PrayAlways
Enter your name in a time slot
To get the Lock Code call Gemma at 736-8719 or email glhntr@mta.ca
or Joey at 574-2229 or jwck@mta.ca
Location: 340 Keltic Dr. (next to the Farmers Market).

1 comment:

  1. Website is looking good. I appreciated the calendar as it helped me to get the time of the Valentine's dinner. Maybe sometime in the future the pastors messages will be on it for times when people are out of town or can't get to services.
    Kathy MacLeod